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"Dr. Abrams has a unique perspective as a consultant. He not only has an exceptional understanding of the business aspects of a dental practice, but is also able to offer solutions to complex and unusual situations as it relates to dentistry. I was drawn to Dr. Abrams immediately due to his extraordinary gift of listening and his ability to disseminate information in a clear and concise manner. He is a genuine and honest individual, who works diligently and in the best interest of his clients. He is a thoughtful, reliable, and organized consultant who has maximized his effectiveness through his many years of experience and contributions to the dental community.

My partner is on sabbatical for a year. Dr. Abrams has helped me make the transition from a two doctor practice to a one doctor practice. It is because of him that I am able to keep all of my current employees and improve my financial situation. I am able to sleep better at night knowing that I have Dr. Abrams to advise me about large decisions within the practice. He has become a leader and integral part of my practice but most importantly a mentor to me."

Nicole Furuta DDS

"I have been so pleased with the service Dr. John Abrams provided me through his dental consulting. We worked closely together for approximately one year and since then on an as needed basis. Prior to choosing John, I interviewed several other dental and orthodontic consultants. No one I encountered could provide the wisdom and inside knowledge into the dental world as John.

John has a full scope of the dental practice that few can offer. He understands the difficulty of delivering high quality dentistry in a manner pleasing to patients. He has owned a very successful and well respected dental practice for 35 years; therefore has vast experience in staff and patient management, marketing, financials, and small business ownership. Although I found other consultants I believed would be adequate in a single area, John was the only one who had expertise in all aspects I needed help with. To obtain the knowledge I received from John, I felt I would have had to hire two or more other consultants.

John presents himself in a friendly and approachable manner. He is easy to work with but is direct in presenting his expectations. Many of my colleagues have discussed that we finished our dental educations with the skills to be successful, but upon entering private practice had difficulty putting the pieces together and lacked business skills completely. John provided me an organized template to put the dental skills I already had together with tools for a successful business.

I have and will continue to refer my colleagues to John for their consulting needs."

Erin Sloss DDS, MS